Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daily Koda

Four of my favorite things.


All the cloths ripping and teeth gnashing be damned, the Atlanta Braves and their Colorado based corporate overlords broke ground on the " brand spanking new " state of the art 
Brand spanking new is in quoted, because this bad boy looks just like a little baseball stadium about 10/12 miles down 75! WHY ? if you are starting out from scratch, with no real geographic limits ( no river, etc ) would you build something that a) is already a bit dated and b) LOOKS JUST LIKE THE PLACE YOU ARE LEAVING ? Seriously .  There are a zillion ways they could have gone...
This will be the new view from home plate looking out into the great mall of baseball, that is the reason that the Braves are moving. No room for a great mall of baseball ball down there south of 20 with all those colored folks milling about.
THIS is a partial view from the TED with the city skyline

From the get go of this story I was convinced that Liberty Media, the Braves owners would be dropping the BRAVES for something, the Greater Atlanta ? Cobb Co ________ . With all the very justified Redskins controversy , just seemed like a move that they would make . New Stadium, new county, new name - but these drawings , for the first time that I have seen, do have BRAVES and even the Chophouse, and not just the A , which they are very proud of.

It is going to be Hank Aaron Field at Suntrust Park - which is a good thing, and the home run king was unhand to today to break the new ground - and look, they are even bringing the giant photo of his  715 with them.

Finding that silver lining, or just rising from some new ashes - the city of Atlanta and the area around Turner Field will , in the long run, be much better off IF the fantastic plans of Georgia State come into being.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Fingers crossed that this is no harbinger of things to come, the weather here has been pure Autumn - warmish sunny days and down right chilly nights. So, time to switch from burgers to more fall friendly menus!

Pork Loin
braised in red wine and apple cider
Collard Greens
( canned )
Stewed Apples
Sweet Potatoes
Sliced Tomatoes
( they came in late this year, we will eat them as 
long as they are here !  )

This was a great way to cook a little pork loin. Sear the fat side for a good 3-4 min flip over in your pan - add some veggies, I had onions, carrots, and garlic - and what ever you want for liquid. We had an open bottle of red wine and some apple cider - boom. Its a fast braise too, with pork which is so lean anyway. You have to have a pan with a lid, I use one of my tagines but any thing will do.

We has a friend over for supper and it was a lovely night.

The Polls ( the morning after )

  1. Florida State
  2. Oregon
  4. Oklahoma
  6. TEXAS A&M
  7. Baylor
  8. LSU
  9. Notre Dame
  10. OLE MISS
  11. Michigan State
  12. UCLA
  15. Arizona State
  16. Stanford
  17. USC
  19. Wisconsin
  20. Kansas State
  21. BYU
  22. Clemson
  23. Ohio State
  24. Nebraska
  25. Oklahoma State
There you go - from 6 to 13 ( 14 in the other poll ) and some pure old fashion SEC hate there at the top. I dont know who can beat FSU, they play Clemson this weekend so we can see. If they beat the Tigers the Oct. 18 FSU/ Notre Dame game is huge. It will not be the Gators, they took three overtimes to get past Kentucky this weekend.

It is a bit of a rough road to keep the SEC National Championship record going - everyone above us has to play each other. 

Week Three ? Four ? ... I will figure this out by next week...

38 - 35

Thunderstorms pushed back kick off a long time yesterday - and a drenching rain came back during the game. There was a downpour late in the 4th quarter when the Bulldogs went for a game tie-ing field goal, sailing a tad right in the drenching.

After losing to Texas A&M in their season opener, and not looking as sharp as they should have in a victory against East Carolina, the Gamecocks needed a big win, and they got it. Columbia's THE STATE declaring it " one of the biggest in SC history" Bottom line for UGA is, even in 2014 - we can not overlook or ever take Steve Spurrier lightly. The past isn't past in the SEC - and ghosts of UGA failures in the now distant past are still alive with us.

You think you are going to be National Champs, you are not going to be National Champs.... well, not just yet. If you have to lose, lose early.... giving everyone else time to lose as the lengthy fall goes on.

I had planned on just a little brunchy tailgate for just Neil and I

Chicken Biscuits 
Grits Casserole
Deviled Eggs
Little Tomato Sandwiches


We had non football loving pals coming over post game, but the back up made it a game watching party - you can tell how excited they were, They brought over like 4 dozen chicken wings thought - 
and in the end, we all had a fine time.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hello Autumn

Walked out early this morning and just laughed at just how chilly it was. It may be coming in fast this go round. We had to get some time on the trail, so today, fully covered and sprayed , we went the other way than we normally do - which means all Koda does on not always walked over ground is sniff and pee, so it was really more of that than a walk. Turned into a beautiful afternoon, Im sure I looked odd covered head to toe....

The old rail road bridge is still there going this way
 And you get a taste of the other real Mendon. See, the little Hamlet of Mendon where we live as lovely as it is  - is the poor relation to the other one. Seen here one of the many gated big ass houses that dot the area....

First night of an extra blanket on the bed, and I brought a much loved plant into the house. Way to early for this and when it is like 50 come next April we will all be out in shorts and such, but the very first go round of the year is shocking....