Monday, April 20, 2015


A beautiful day today that dropped into some Springtime thunderstorms this evening - with possible frost later in the week. Never a dull moment.


It's 2016 - do you know where your candidate is?


Every part of me wants to just scream that it is  TO EARLY to be doing this - but since it is being done - that makes it not to early. I am what I am - even if that is a CNN poll to GOP voters. AND look who it is here 18 months out A BUSH!

Although it broke today that the KOCH billions are going to flow to #2 on that list the black sheep of the cheese state : Scott -" we dont need no education " Walker. I am sure that the the decline of Jeb Bush is in direct relation to the meteoric rise of Gov. Walker.

It is not too early to be doing this because there are going to be like 25 people trying to climb to the top or Vice President , or going on that every 4 years GOP book tour. This is not good for democracy at all to use the race for the White House as a tool to promote your tv or radio show. Jeb Bush is on too shaky of ground with the nut job right to avoid the pitt falls of dealing with your Huckabees and Trumps . 

The good news at the same time HILLARY beats them all - in another way too early of a poll.

Uncalifornia the joint.

Strawberries suck. Really - its April and sitting right  here in the tiny little Mendon Meadows Market are beautiful looking , plump perfectly red high Summer strawberries - that taste at best, like soggy card board. The same with so so many beautiful fruits and veggies in American super markets today.
California grows 90+ % of these tasteless berries - and OOOPS! they have run out of water.

A once in a 1000 year ( really, its that bad ) super drought is settling in over the Golden State - and our dependency on the states produce is about to change.


A very good article from MOTHER JONES about the whens and whys and hows of doing just that. The Finger Lakes and the areas up on Lake Ontario of New York have massive agriculture - which shocks some people. This is really how I found out that strawberries suck. A farm stand on the side of the road, in real late summer with freshly picked NOT so beautiful varying in color and size fruit that was an explosion of pure sugar drenched sunlight in my mouth. THIS is a strawberry . Or a peach in Gaffney, South Carolina etc etc.  This is not some foodie hipster dream , it is the way we have to deal with climate change - more locally grown produce.

( now who the hell is going to pick this in the anti immigrant South is a whole other question..)

Sunday, April 19, 2015




Only week #2 of the Sunday night television overload, after last weeks explosion back into our lives after an outstanding run in deep Winter. This Springtime attempt is coming on gangbusters.The unquestioned winners this week were :



  There have been a lot of comings and goings this season - not really sure why we had to ship off Chummy and the baby, leaving the husband and replacing Sister Evangelina, with both given exit stories and reasons to come back.. guess we will find out. There was a real chance of this one going a little into left field with its original protagonist , just like in the books, going off to have a life - but the stories are keeping up the A++ standard of the first seasons.

Last week we were stuck with the Alan Turning fever that swept the UK ,I am guessing about a year ago. EVERYONE had to do a sad gay story, Downton did it, Grantchester did and last week it was Call the Midwifes turn. ALL with very 2015 attitudes about the gays, but we take what we can get.
This week we moved on to Hookers and Equality of the Sexes - but I still teared up in the end. This show can just do it to me, I don't think there has been a single on that a tear has not rolled down my cheek. Befuddled Sister Monica Joan saving the day in the end - and Battenburg Cake, I do love this show.


GoT Season 5 debuted last week with a flash of an hour - catching us up on everything that happened since all the murders at Kings Landing, keeping up the pace this week. This is one show that is going to have to be carefully ran - the scope is getting so large as more and more people and stories come into its tv universe. I guess that was a real problem with this book as well - at least from what all I have read, I have not read the books. You can see in your mind all these arcs coming together in the end, lets just hope the writers et all can keep it together until that happens, years from now. It did seem to be a little less gory tonight, and with less T&A. I'm not really doing recaps here, they are all over the webs for all these show, Just my opinion of tonight. The show wants so to dig into whys of characters, but has to by the nature of the beast to move so fast that it just gets lost...
Dany was having a bad day, and just like when Koda's happy face and waggle tail cheers me up ,her missing dragon DROGON popped up at just the right time to drop a whale at her feet or something - I was bad and read ahead online, so I know that tonight was a whole lot of foreshadowing , at least with the dragon. 
Part of what I really liked about this show was when really really bad things happened to really really bad people , but as time goes on the line between good and evil , good and bad is becoming much less clear.


We are going to stick this one out - it is good television - but it is hard to watch. Maybe its just an American thing - but a show where you have to check wiki every few minutes is maybe doing something wrong. It is a beautiful show , the costumes are some of the best you have ever seen , but it does go into the deep deep tracks of pre Elizabethan England, and Henry's split from Rome. 

This is an ANNE BOLEYN that we have never seen on tv before. She always seem to be seen in hindsight from her daughter, the innocent fem fatal and not this wickedly smart , conniving woman. Neil and I are both having a hard time keeping up with who is who  - and yes the ever present lute music did nod me off for a tiny bit tonight ( again )

Maybe I need to just re watch them all before next week. ( and I bet the Broadway folks are not super super happy with this production - it is not making me want to sit through six hours / two plays of the same story  for sure )


ONLY ______ EPISODES LEFT UNTIL THE FINALE! They keep shouting at is in full AMC blare. If the last ones are like tonight - it can't come fast enough. At one point I called in " Mad Men does an AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL " it was just so ham fisted in its " we are running out of time, learn this now ! "
And with so few hours left, we have to spend ANY precious time on creepy GLEN BISHOP from 196 - who gives a crap ? Really? The person/actor is MM creators son in real life - so you know he had to have a swan song. But it just seemed wasted. I get where they are going with Sally - she and maybe only she can see through her parents - and yes, it would suck to have all your pas hit on your mom and dad, that we can all agree on. But just like the the British sad gay theme - Mad Men seems to be going at this problem with a 2015 world view. Even at Miss Porters Sally has learned that life is easier for the pretty- I guarantee that . 

Also, totally out of the blue a white knight swooping in to save Joan from a life of success and big money, all the while Don getting all 70's estie cosmic themed totally sticking with the " Is that all there is theme from .. last week .  Yeah, yeah , yeah, you are happy today, but then what ? Which is not something that people do, they just like being happy with out turning over ever rock looking for gross creepy crawly things.

As close as the show has every come to putting Fonzie on skis. This show can be as good as it gets these days - they just have to remember that, I guess. I fully believe they will pull it out in the end.


Which I have not watched an of yet, but will be doing soon!


This is last night - tonight , settling in for our Sunday Night Tv Extravaganza 
we went a little carb heavy with some spaghetti with meatballs and sausages - no photos since it was bad, but it sure was good.

We have not been off the wagon often , so I dont feel that bad

Some Koda

 A very nice sunny weekend - shirt sleeves warm, we were outside a lot - becoming at least a moving target for the pollen .

 Koda in the Rushes

 But just like always up here , you do not want to look ahead to far with the weather....