Monday, July 28, 2014


As opposed to Fridays big news....

I have been so bad at this, updating, even to myself lately, just because it is just becoming a farce. Today's news was bigger than most have been because even though this case was heard in Virgina, the ruling from the 4th Circuit Court effects all of the Circuit, Yep, SOUTH CAROLINA just had its equality ban over turned. With 42 pages of exactly why we have to wait in these states... like so many others. YES, its way illegal to deny these same sex couples their CONSTITUTIONAL rights, but you will have to wait a bit more... ( aka farce )

This is the map of where we stand today, IF ( IF IF IF IF IF ) there were no appellate process or stays, with more rulings coming down every day. 
I do not understand the process enough to really know what is going on with all the 50 cases that are in the works. I could figure out Windsor v the US or Hollingsworth v Perry - easy straight forward, mapping their process was easy. Infuriating but easy to follow - when it is 50 cases like this, no more than that , there are multiple in each state, and with the Supreme Court already ruling on DOMA ...
Just seems like the high court could have just ripped off the band-aid as opposed to this drip drip drip method.
Today's ruling was more complex than any I have read before, really took me a long time just to wade into the legalise and still did not really know. Let's just go with it was a GOOD THING.....


Yeah, this is me not wanting to go to the store for supper ......

Double Daily Koda

 Poor little dog was way housebound this morning, so we were very happy to be out and about in the afternoon. Stayed on his leash, or else he would have been in the swollen creek so fast.

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain ..... and then some more Rain.

Today was a record amount of rain for one day , so said the weather guy - but I dont know if that was forever, or just for July 28th. It was a lot of rain. I was very surprised that we , the park, was not flooded more than it did- which was really none. 
EVERYTHING is lush and green
or red

Our backyard is beautiful, all Neil's hard work is paying off.

MORE LIONS ( quickly )

From JMG this morning we get this FANTASTIC ad for Guinness along with this :

Guinness & Co. is currently airing a commercial for its beer with a popular gospel hymn as background music. The song "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" is played during the entire ad and even though there are no lyrics it is unmistakably the beloved hymn Christians know and love. The cherished "Everlasting Arms" hymn has no place in a beer commercial. Christian music should not be associated with an advertisement promoting drinking. 

The choice of including this hymn in the ad disrespects the Christian faith. Take Action: Please send an email letter strongly encouraging Guinness & Co. to change the background music in their "Empty Chair" commercial. Ask that they no longer use a hymn out of respect for Christians.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


For any newcomers to kyle+blog world asking " what's with the odd numbers sometimes ? ". I am a way way lazy blogger, but really like to keep things on here , on the day that they happened, so as eleven oclock rolls around and Koda has to tour Mendon etc, I just plug in some some numbers to keep the date active and get back to it post midnight - or in todays case , way the next day. AND I get to post one of my favorite BANKSY's over and over again .......

Now you know.