Saturday, October 10, 2015



31 -38

At least it was not raining ?

After last weeks crushing defeat at the feet of the Tide, we would come out better and stronger - they did not kill us. Well the hapless Tennessee Vols were not reading from the same script. Blowing a TWENTY ONE point AND losing Nick Chubb with a horrible looking knee injury - all around horrible visit to Neyland. We were in this game, and with less than a minute left I was hopeful -visions of Peyton leading the Marching Coverall Band in Rocky Top danced in my head - not again, not again.

Welcome to the Bulldawg Nation 2015 -I bet we end up 8 - 4 this year . 
Like I have said for how many years now - It is so much more fun, Fall is more fun, when your team is winning...

Friday, October 9, 2015


We had not been to the movies in a while , just nothing that we wanted to see. I didn't think I wanted to see this one from this preview. That and the fact that we just this week sat through Ridley Scotts HORRIBLE remake of The 10 Commandments - I am just not a massive fan. I was wrong.

This is such a good , edge of your seat movie. Really had me from the get go .

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Daytime ALDS game one from the Sky Dome / Rodgers Center  ( dont ask if it is open, its OCTOBER ) First time in three million years Toronto has been in the post season, and they lost game one 5 - 3 to the stupid Texas Rangers. Playing again tomorrow ... Canadian fingers crossed.

The OTHER Texas team, Houston Astros beat the Kansas City Royals 5 - 2 . Stupid Texas. NLDS kicks in tomorrow Cubs / Cards ( go cubbies ) and Mets/ Dodgers ( go mets )

I will be happy with almost an National League team in the World Series , if not Toronto is needs to be KC ....


Pot Roast via Dahn
( which was super good! )



 I have not given y'all anywhere near enough pumpkin shots this Halloween season~ But first a couple of pics of Koda and his pals on this beautiful full Autumn afternoon!

 I tried to leave Koda at Dahn's while I went and bought pumpkins - he would have NO part of it - he and I are a little..... ( wait for it ...) Koda-depent

 A good shot of the best pals

Where all those pumpkins ended up!


 This tree at the side of our house, which I have taken dozens of photos of , is really not changing leaf color at all yet....
 It was a beautiful morning today, very Fallish 

 We had a nice walk. Then went out for some adventures spotting this guy along the way
A farmer getting in the last of his winter wheat before the weather changes
 My phone, with just a mind of its own switches over to these effects all the time.
Mostly I catch it, but did not on this one, so here, some arty rural upstate NY farm photos.